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Bonner & White

A new brand to celebrate 60 years of a family business.

Founded in 1957, Bonner & White are an independent, family run flooring company. With a firm base in Ponteland and the surrounding area, they wanted to grow their business and raise awareness of their services region wide not just locally.

As a family run business founded by the owners Grandfather and Great Uncle, Matty Bonner and Benny White, there was real equity in the name of the company and of course the service they delivered was renowned amongst the Ponteland area. By refreshing the identity, this would give them a platform to start to build a recognisable and strong brand for Bonner & White.

The starting point was to get to know Bonner & White and understand their vision for the future. Over a number of sessions we covered what made them special and unique, what do they want the world to know that they don’t already, who are their customers now, who are their potential customers? At the end of our research there was nothing we didn’t know and we set about communicating this to the wider world.

We began by taking what we had learnt about Bonner & White and defining a set of principles and values that not only reflected the company’s vision but indeed their working principles and quality service. We developed key messages around these principles giving us a foundation on which to start to build their visual language and tone of voice.

The principles and messaging use the ampersand ‘&’ to link messages, derived from the ampersand in Bonner & White, symbolising partnership and strength of service. This system allows them to adapt messaging, from seasonal messages such as Warm & Cosy to product and service related messaging such as Heritage & Expertise. 

We refreshed the marque and typography, taking their previous symbol of flooring segments and tesselating the pattern to repeat and connect infinitely. A new colour palette of subtle brights reflects the colourful choice of flooring along with new lifestyle imagery, together they give a fresh and contemporary feel yet retain the equity and heritage of this 60 year old company.

The new identity was rolled out in store, on store frontage, print and social campaigns, with a website in the pipe-line. Since the brand was revamped sales have increased and they have just opened a second North East store in Jesmond. Nothing speaks volumes like an increase in sales!