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Harrison Packaging

Re-branding a global packaging specialist

Founded in 1882, Harrison Packaging are one of the UK’s most established packaging companies. Harrison work with clients across the world, and their work is becoming ever more innovative, luxurious and high-end. With a growth in demand for luxury packaging, new technology has enabled innovation in packaging like never before, Harrison have become leaders in this growing market and needed a new brand to reflect this high end status.

To enable us to fully understand Harrison’s vision for the future, the first step in the process was to hold a brand workshop session with 15 of their directors and staff. In an interactive session, this was a real chance for staff to share their opinion’s and idea’s, communicating to us what makes Harrison’s so unique. It was clear that staff were extremely proud of their heritage, over 100 years in the industry is an incredible benchmark, coupled with their passion for innovation this is an organisation with firm roots and huge future ambitions.

Following the workshop, we distilled all of the information we discovered from the team. As with any brand project, before we made any visual marks, we defined the Harrison Packaging core pillars and brand essence, ensuring at the heart of the visual identity there is a firm foundation on which to build the brand. Heritage, Excellence, Ingenuity and People are their four brand pillars with a core essence of ‘Making a lasting impression since 1882.’ Reflecting that for over 100 years, through the people, quality of work and innovation, Harrison Packaging aim to make a lasting impression, both with internal teams and client relationships.

The marque was crafted to reflect this core essence. A monogram of the H, the movement in the logo not only symbolises their forward thinking, innovative approach but is reflective of ink creating an image, reinforcing the core essence ‘Making a lasting impression’. It signals the future of the company; one of ingenuity, of innovation and excellence, whilst also signifying the long tradition of high quality craftsmanship that has endured for well over 100 years.

In keeping with the brand pillars and core essence we suggested an adaption to the name, rather than Harrison Packaging, to simply become Harrison, with a confident sign off, Est. 1882. Highlighting the heritage yet in a contemporary style. The new visual language brings the marque to life too, with indulgent black and gold colour palette and dramatic photography. A full brand toolkit was produced to enable staff to enjoy and feel confident using the new brand.