IF: Milton Keynes International Festival

Branding a city to reflect an eclectic 10 day experience

Our creative team have worked with the team at IF: Milton Keynes International Festival for 6 years, with the first festival kicking off in 2010, it’s taken place every 2 years and has had an incredible impact on the regional economy.

We were overjoyed to work on the 2016 festival campaign especially with an even bigger programme and artists ranging from Miguel Chevalier to the epic Arts Admin Dominoes. With the programme being so diverse and eclectic, from comedy and performance to dance and installations, family events to late night celebrations we had to create a visual language to reflect this.

Having originally named the festival IF – reflecting the ‘International Festival’ theme, we then used smart copy lines to integrate throughout the programme such as ‘IF you’re looking for an amazing experience this Summer…’ and ‘IF you have a sense of adventure…’ using copy and imagery to appeal to a wide audience.

A bold, vibrant pink has become synonymous with the festival, along with a graphic style that showcases the many diverse and exciting experiences over the 10 days. 


The communications were rolled out across the city and beyond. Working with media buyers to plan coverage in local and national publications such as The Guardian, The Observer and The Times ensured the festival had national awareness. Press was supported by a wide outdoor media plan, with outdoor 6 sheets, 4 sheets, 48 sheets, bus and rail advertising and supported by social media activity coverage was maximised. 

The festival pulled in over 500,000 visitors from across the UK to see over 300 artists from 12 countries. 


Photos by ©Shaun Armstrong,