Newcastle United FC

Brand awareness for a global sports club.

When Newcastle United FC started their season in 2016 they were no longer in the premier league. They needed to strengthen their brand on communications across all commercial and public facing materials to ensure their events, hospitality and tour packages were seen as high end appealing offers to potential customers, keeping moral high and pride even higher.

We worked with the marketing, event and sponsorship teams to create materials, sub brands, print and online communications to truly bring the NUFC brand to life. For hospitality we developed a 44 page, foil blocked brochure to showcase the corporate hospitality suites. With the brief to capture the passion and spirit of this iconic team and stadium, we worked closely with the team to produce a stunning print piece.

Altogether bring a fantastic mix of creativity and can-do to everything they produce. Working with them is an absolute pleasure and they never fail to inspire, delight and deliver.

Nicole Atkin
Head of Business Development
Newcastle United FC

To enhance their visitor presence we worked with the tours team to rebrand the unique tour packages and trails. Aiming to capture attention and appeal to fans and tourists visiting the city, the materials were all given a major overhaul. Sub brands for NUFC events and Foundation events were also refreshed and relaunched. 

With such a wide array of audiences and communications it was imperative the design approach felt cohesive under the parent brand of NUFC. Colours, typography and imagery styles linked closely, but each activity had a distinct feel to appeal to the relevant audiences.

Perhaps one of the biggest successful projects was a unique sponsorship package we designed to appeal to high end potential sponsors, contributing to the club securing Fun 88 in a three-year contract for a £24 million package. The biggest sponsorship deal in NUFC’s history, positioning them in the Premier League’s top 10 in terms of value of sponsorship contract, an incredible outcome for the club.