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Royal Grammar School

A campaign to showcase a leading school.

After working with North East independent school, Royal Grammar School Newcastle to establish their vision, values and new visual identity, we were appointed to create a campaign to showcase and promote the attributes of this leading regional school aiming to motivate visits to the school Open Day.

The campaign conveys the warmth of RGS and reflects the real emotive and inspirational moments that happen every day throughout the school from junior school to senior school. Simple, bold copy focusing on the future aspirations of students along with real, reportage style imagery captures the energy and spirit within the RGS school community.

We wanted the copy to mean something to students, parents and teachers, so although primarily targeting parents to consider visiting the school on Open Day, by giving the copy an open feel, it can resonate with a wider audience and instil pride throughout the school. To students it reflects future ambitions, to teachers it reflects the future they see for each and every child, and for parents it reinforces the ambitions they have for their children.

The campaign ran regionally across powerful outdoor media locations, online and in print.

With help from the campaign, the recent Open Day was the best yet, 40% up on visitor numbers from last year with 1,500 people visiting the school in 1 day.