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West London Wonders

A collective destination brand to maximise arts budgets

As funding in the arts becomes ever more challenging, collaboration amongst cultural collectives has become a powerful way to pool resources, working together to maximise budgets when it comes to marketing. With Central London naturally taking the limelight for cultural visitors to London and East London bagging the spot for a more hip, cultural experience, West London museums, galleries and historic houses wanted to put themselves on the map. Not only did they want to raise awareness of the cultural gems west of the city, they wanted to give local visitors a reason to visit the array of venues in their locality.

Altogether were appointed following discussions with the 11 stakeholder partners to help realise this vision. With venues ranging from historic country houses to London’s only narrow gauge railway, all of the involved organisations are unique places to visit.

We worked closely with the collective, of 11 partners and stakeholders to facilitate workshops, name and brand the destination. We developed a theme of ‘Unlocking West London’s cultural treasures’ and then based our concept around the proposition.

Initially we designed the logo and a 54 page printed family trail, with activities at each of the 11 venues. The illustrative style was developed to enable each site to have it’s own illustrative icons yet link together under the umbrella brand of West London Wonders.

Along with the printed trail we developed a simple website to give the group a presence and something they could build on as the project grows. Seasonal communications were also produced, ensuring they have a suite of elements they can use to start to spread the message about West London Wonders.

The trail and group launched October half-term 2017, feedback has been incredible with schools already asking for more to be re-printed and other cultural sites and groups wanting to join West London Wonders. We are now working with the group on the next phase of their vision.

Working with Altogether has been a real joy. From their leadership in the workshops through to the huge creativity and enthusiasm they have brought to our project, they have turned our small budget project into a legacy that everyone wants to be part of.

Natalie Rhodes
Project lead and education officer
Orleans House Gallery