Every project is different, every journey is different, but they all start with a conversation. We’ll get to know you, listen to you, understand your audiences, challenge you, challenge each other, wow you and support you, importantly making a difference to you and your organisation.

Altogether creative

We’ll create communications which truly reflect your vision and ambition. From Arts and Culture to Third Sector, Craft Beer to Tech, whatever the creative challenge, our approach will always be from the heart.

You’ll enjoy working with us, people do. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we are serious about the impact that good design can make.

Altogether, Equal by Design.

We believe in doing better work, in a healthier society.

We believe that we get there by enabling equality and defending diversity, whenever we see an opportunity to do so in our work.

In the studio, we’ve cultivated a culture that celebrates difference. A person’s experiences, race, gender, age, religion and identity – will always be something we respect, protect, learn and benefit from. We don’t just talk about it, either.

We always look to hire and work with a diverse community of people, and promote equality by amplifying opportunities for those who are underrepresented.

We consider it our duty to reach and platform the voices that aren’t often heard when developing brands, and we will keep raising our game in a sector which still isn’t diverse enough.

Ours is a 60% woman-powered studio, and we are also linked as Trustees to local community organisations that align with our own E&D values, and make a difference locally.

Our co-founder also heads up the regional Ladies Wine & Design chapter, a global initiative to empower women and non-binary BIPOC creatives around the world.

Beyond that, Altogether champion young people as part of The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art career days, where we run creative workshops – to inspire, upskill and open doors for young people that wouldn’t normally have access to creative opportunities.

When we say ‘Altogether’ we mean it.

Let’s start as we mean to go on and get talking

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