January 14, 2021

A woman’s place is in Parliament

For democracy to truly represent the communities we live in, we need people with a rich variety of lived experiences sitting at the decision making table. Currently only 34% of our politicians in the UK are women, whilst women make up 51% of our population. Under-representation of women in political life contributes to exacerbating inequality.

The Parliament Project encourages and supports women from across the political spectrum to stand for elected office, across all spheres of government in Scotland and England. They are the first and only organisation in the country to run free, non-partisan, accessible workshops across England and Scotland for women to explore how to stand for political office.

In the last year, the organisation have hugely increased their activity, making their workshops and peer groups more accessible online to women across Scotland and England. Continuing this push, we have been appointed to work with them to develop a visual identity that can position them for the future and reflects their bold vision – A world where at least 51% of elected officials are women.

We are proud and honoured to have been appointed by this incredible organisation to help elevate the brand for this crucial part of their journey. We’re kicking off the project this month with the aim to launch the brand in the Spring.

Watch this space and who knows maybe you’ve been inspired to stand for election?
Check them out for more information.