October 13, 2022

A new website project with the Harley Foundation

The Harley Foundation is a charitable trust, founded in 1978 by Ivy, Duchess of Portland. Today it’s still based on the historic ducal estate of Welbeck, home to the Dukes of Portland and their families since 1607.

Their mission is to create spaces where the imagination can flourish, through all of their activity including community outreach, exhibition spaces Harley Gallery and Portland Collection, events and education and artist studios, they work to celebrate the handmade and encourage the enjoyment of the visual arts.

We are thrilled to have been appointed to design, scope and build a new website for the Harley Foundation. We’ll be looking to create a site that will provide a great online experience for visitors as well as showcase and celebrate the breadth of their events and activities throughout the community and their exhibition spaces.

We’re looking forward to working with their digital steering group to dig deeper and create a site that can really elevate the work of this fantastic organisation.

This insight helped influence their purpose ‘Finding a way forward with young people and their families’, this is echoed in the identity. Very simply it reflects Key’s approach to working with their community to find a way forward. A way forward is different for everyone, it could be a safe place to stay, learning to cook a healthy meal or building a better relationship with their family.

The guiding arrow is woven into the letterfroms, reflecting the connections and individual journeys of Key’s community as well as a focus on the individual, guiding them to future opportunities. It picks up on Key working with families to help identify and pinpoint where problems have manifested and where they could make change to move forward together.

We’re looking forward to seeing the brand roll out and there’s another exciting project with the team coming soon!