December 05, 2022

Brand Creation of the Year Winners

Award winning branding

Currently only 35% of our elected representatives in the UK are women, obviously this is not representative as women make up 51% of our population.

Shockingly if we continue at our current pace we won’t see general parity in politics until 2077. Elect Her are trying to change these stats and achieve their vision of ‘a world where at least 51% of elected officials are women’.

With that in mind Altogether worked with the organisation to create an active new brand and tone of voice that elevates the voice of all women who want to make a difference.

Working with Mam’s the Word to craft the messaging, it was a project that has made a huge difference already to the political environment, since the brand launched, 186 women from the Elect Her community stood for election, a 250% increase on the previous year.

There’s a long way to go but we are proud to have been involved and indeed awarded as winners for the project in the North East Marketing Awards 2022.

Our team had the best evening celebrating the win, reinforcing just how powerful the Elect Her brand is and will continue to be as they strive to achieve their vision.

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