August 16, 2023

Changing the future of energy

The centre will be led by University of Sussex and Newcastle University, in collaboration with Cardiff, Edinburgh, Imperial College, Lancaster, University College London, Leeds, Manchester, Reading, Strathclyde and Surrey universities.

The UK is legally bound to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050, which demands a revolutionary shift in energy usage. Without drastically lowering energy consumption, the UK’s short and long-term climate goals remain out of reach. Many homes and businesses have also faced higher energy prices bringing greater attention to issues of energy affordability and security.

There lies a huge opportunity to realise the benefits of energy demand reduction through improved energy efficiency and broader societal changes to reduce emissions, secure prosperity, reduce inequality and improve quality of life.

EDRC aims to inform and inspire energy demand reductions by investigating how domestic, industrial and transport energy demand reduction can be delivered on a local and national level across the UK.

Such an important project to work on, we’ll be bringing all our energy to create a powerful new brand and website.