October 23, 2019

A connected brand identity

Connected Voice charity branding for regional cvs by Altogether creative.

At the beginning of the year we were appointed to work with Newcastle CVS to rename and redefine their name, values and wider brand identity.

Enabling the voluntary and community sector to influence decision makers and supporting the sector as it’s voice, Newcastle CVS offers expert support and advice services to organisations, individuals and social enterprises across Newcastle and Gateshead, and has more than 700 members. 

An already very well known organisation, they had grown their services widely and had 4 different strands to their organisation: Advocacy, Support and Development, Health and Race Equality Forum and Business and Finance. But there was a huge opportunity to build awareness and strengthen their brand. Our role was to establish a new name that would reflect this strategic growth, new values and purpose that would resonate across the organisation and a visual identity that would position Newcastle CVS for the future.

We worked closely with the NCVS team to facilitate interactive sessions, as well as with the board and importantly with their member organisations. It was a fascinating process and brought to light so many important attributes that have been integral to the final name, brand and architecture.

The new name and visual identity was revealed to members recently and we are delighted that Newcastle CVS will now be known as Connected Voice.

Read about our journey together in their own words and see the full brand architecture: https://www.cvsnewcastle.org.uk/latest-news/710-whats-in-a-name

And watch out for case study coming soon!