November 28, 2023

Climate action communications

To meet net zero emissions by 2050 will take a revolutionary shift in thinking across the globe.

We’ve been working with a diverse group of researchers and academics in UK universities to help brand and raise awareness of their research projects that aim to do just that – facilitate a shift in thinking by researching solutions for the UK to lower our carbon emissions.

Firstly we are about to launch a brand and website for EDRC, Energy Demand Research Centre. They aim to inform and inspire energy demand reductions by investigating how domestic, industrial and transport energy demand reduction can be delivered on a local and national level across the UK. There lies a huge opportunity to realise the benefits of energy demand reduction through improved energy efficiency and broader societal changes to reduce emissions, secure prosperity, reduce inequality and improve quality of life.

The centre will be led by University of Sussex and Newcastle University, in collaboration with Cardiff, Edinburgh, Imperial College, Lancaster, University College London, Leeds, Manchester, Reading, Strathclyde and Surrey universities.

Following our work to help platform important net zero research, we were also appointed to create a brand identity and website for DARe Hub  the Decarbonised, Adaptable, Resilient, Transport Infrastructures Hub. The Hub is a basis for a four year research project funded by UKRI and the Department for Transport with partners from Newcastle University, University of Cambridge, University of Glasgow and Heriot-Watt.

DARe will help to upgrade and decarbonise the UK’s complex and interconnected national, regional and local transport infrastructures and support transport networks to adapt to the effects of climate change. They will deliver co-created research to scope solutions for delivering a resilient, net-zero transport system that works for people and communities. They aim to be the go to place for transport decarbonisation information, evidence, guidance and resources.

We’re currently working to launch the EDRC brand and website in November 2023 and the DARe brand identity this year, with website to follow early 2024. We’re proud to be involved in giving these incredibly important projects a presence to communicate and engage with their audiences for the better.