March 13, 2018

Inspiring a new creative generation

Those of us working in the creative industries know what a rewarding, challenging but all round awesome experience it is right? So having been offered the opportunity to help inspire the next generation, we jumped at the

It took us back to thinking about how we ‘got into’ the industry, and at the time, if you were good at art, there seemed a logical and creative link to something more commercial. But now the creative industries have grown hugely, there are so many opportunities from design to games, digital to film making and that’s just scratching the surface. But are the next generation aware of the prospects that await?

Our talk covered creative industry careers and thinking about skills and attributes a student might need as well as showing the kids around the studio, some of our work and our process. Whistlestop tours of a creative studio!

Our session was part of an ongoing programme of Creative Studio Tours lead by NE1 and Jo Feeley, Trend Bible.