December 08, 2022

Key to a new brand identity

Charity branding

Over the last 30 years Key Project has grown from a small project working with young people, to a region wide organisation supporting young people and families and working across housing, wellbeing, support and prevention of youth homelessness as well as running a food bank.

We spent time meeting with their inspirational community, from volunteers in the food bank, to young people now living in a safe space of their own, everyone gave their views.

Young people told us ‘Key has helped us start to move forward’, and ‘given me a purpose and a direction in life’, staff told us Key always try to ‘find the root of the problem to support families to understand if or how they can build a better relationship to move forward together.’

This insight helped influence their purpose ‘Finding a way forward with young people and their families’, this is echoed in the identity. Very simply it reflects Key’s approach to working with their community to find a way forward. A way forward is different for everyone, it could be a safe place to stay, learning to cook a healthy meal or building a better relationship with their family.

The guiding arrow is woven into the letterfroms, reflecting the connections and individual journeys of Key’s community as well as a focus on the individual, guiding them to future opportunities. It picks up on Key working with families to help identify and pinpoint where problems have manifested and where they could make change to move forward together.

We’re looking forward to seeing the brand roll out and there’s another exciting project with the team coming soon!