January 30, 2024

New brand launch

1.4 million women and girls in the UK experienced domestic abuse last year.* But domestic abuse is a largely hidden crime and women often don’t report or disclose it.

Newcastle Women’s Aid are there to support women and girls in Newcastle experiencing domestic abuse. Established in 1975, the service will soon be 50. We’ve been working with them to refresh their identity and raise awareness of their incredible organisation, so they can help more women and girls across the city.

We were humbled by the team, hearing why they will always be there for women and girls. They work with some of the strongest of women, they told us, walking through our door could be a scary and emotional prospect, women and girls don’t know what to expect. Newcastle Women’s Aid are here to help women find the confidence to speak out.

It was this idea of speaking out that underpinned the creative direction. ‘Helping you find your voice’, communicating the change that women and girls can make in their lives with the support of Newcastle Women’s Aid.

The visual identity builds on this, taking the NWA shapes and organically joining them together to create an amplified symbol. The symbol is representative of women and girls’ voices becoming stronger and louder with the support of Newcastle Women’s Aid.

The campaign ‘No more excuses’ brings voices to the fore, using quotes from people who have experienced domestic abuse. The campaign is running across digital, in stream radio and public transport to connect with women and girls in Newcastle. On a community level posters and leaflets were distributed across the city.

We also scoped and designed a new website launched early January to correlate with the campaign.

Watch out for the campaign and please support and share.