May 24, 2024

Discover a new festival

Discover Festival will be a free, one day festival of interactive family-fun, to be held at the Newcastle University campus. Aiming to bring ideas and people together; to make the impossible feel possible, it will be a jam packed day of sparking ideas and leaving audiences with a sense of wonder.

Visitors will meet the experts at the forefront of their fields – from poets and performers, to scientists and engineers. The university city-centre campus will be transformed as a vibrant hub of curiosity and creativity.

We were appointed to create a visual identity to communicate the energy and spirit of the festival to a broad audience. The identity had to capture the sense of inspiration and electic activities happening across the campus, as well as adhere to the Newcastle University brand colour palette and typefaces.

Our creative uses lively typography with the festival title front and centre, active imagery and emotive descriptors stem from Discover Festival to capture the eclectic, vibrant nature of the event. The communications appeared online and across the metro system.

Unfortunately the event didn’t go ahead due to disruption on the campus but the identity will evolve to the 2025 festival.