April 08, 2024

OFFF to Barcelona

It was our 3rd trip to OFFF and it did not disappoint. It’s a creative’s dream, held at the Disseny Hub in Barcelona, speakers and guests gather from across the world. From design and digital, to animation and illustration, there are always so many inspirational speakers. With most of the talks projected outside, it’s nice for us Brits to get some sunshine whilst hearing brilliant talks and meeting new people.

There were some common themes that came through many of the talks, perhaps the over riding theme was how we must, as creatives, continue to innovate and create new and different work to avoid the sameness that sadly algorithms love. So much creative work is style over substance and the idea should always come before the aesthetic, we strongly believe this too.

Why does every brand want to look the same when the way to cut through and be remembered is to be brave and stand out, be different? ‘The way to create change is to do something different.’ said Max Ottignon from Ragged Edge, in his talk

Optimism was also a key theme, to turn negative perspectives into positives, to support other creatives rather than criticise, to work with clients as collaborators rather than critics.

Equality was raised by Veronica Fuerte who used her platform to highlight that OFFF only had 15% female speakers! So many super creative women how can this be? She called for equality in the speaker line up for future events and we support that call to action 100%!

It was a jam packed 3 days, inspiring and exhausting at the same time!