March 18, 2024

On track for a new campaign

Locomotion is one of the five national museums in the Science Museum Group, located in Shildon, County Durham, the world’s first railway town. It houses highlights of the national collection of railway vehicles, allowing visitors to get up close to dozens of legendary locomotives from across the spectrum of railway history and engineering.

In Spring 2024, a new 2000sqm building called New Hall will display more rail vehicles from the national collection, which will make Locomotion home to the largest collection of heritage rail vehicles in Europe and the largest collection of historic railway vehicles under cover on one site anywhere in the world!

We have been appointed to create a campaign identity that will promote the new hall opening as well as having longevity for future campaigns.

It was a great team visit to have a look around and of course a sneak peek at new hall. We can’t wait to get going on our ideas!

Image: AOC Architecture