August 28, 2020

Suicide prevention research

Autism project brand for Newcastle University

Suicide is much more common in adults who have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. Although people with autism are at increased risk of suicide, no research has yet explored the development of suicide prevention strategies. The Population Health Sciences Institute at Newcastle University’s new research project hopes to change that.

Aiming to examine prevention strategies more closely, the research team will evaluate how feasible an adapted version of a suicide prevention strategy (Safety Plan) is for adults with autism.

We’re pleased to play our part by designing the identity for the project. The concepts for the identity were discussed with people with autism who would be participating in the research. Their collective opinions really helped to create a logo that was accessible, taking on board their feedback about colours or shapes that could cause distress.

They liked the calm nature of this concept, reflecting a safe space. A soft glow surrounds the negative space triangle to give a protected and supported feel. The typography blurs and softens the corners of certain letters, echoing the gentle style of the mark.

Research begins soon and we hope the project has a positive impact on suicide prevention strategies, ensuring they are robust and meaningful to everyone.