April 29, 2019

Immersed in Tyne Housing

Tyne Housing brand workshop

We were recently appointed to work with the team at Tyne Housing to redefine their values, purpose and visual identity. As part of the process we’ve been immersed in all things Tyne, spending time with their team, facilitating workshops with staff and meeting residents at Tyne.

It’s been such an interesting time to find out the real lengths Tyne go to helping people off the streets and into a safe space they can start to call home.

Some of the Tyne residents also gave up their time to talk to us about what Tyne means to them, and to hear their individual stories has just been so powerful.

Everyone should have a chance to live a safe and stable life – and many of us have a home, a job and a close family to help us achieve it. But anyone could find themselves thrown into a situation where these things come under threat, and where that stability is quickly taken away. The sudden shock and struggle that comes with losing a job, becoming ill, or suffering the breakdown of a relationship – can rapidly force a person into a homeless situation that they didn’t expect, and struggle to cope with.

We feel incredibly humbled that the Tyne community have given up their time to share their thoughts and stories with us, it has undoubtedly informed our thinking way beyond what we could have imagined.