Your Homes Newcastle

Visual identity and interpretation of brand values.

Having gone through an intensive consultation with staff and stakeholders, Your Homes Newcastle had defined a new set of values and principles. We were appointed to develop a visual style that would bring the values to life graphically throughout their newly renovated head office workspaces and could be implemented across internal communications to reinforce and subtly remind staff of the core principles.

It was important to adhere to the existing Your Homes Newcastle core brand colours and their main identity, so taking inspiration from their home symbol, we created an illustrative visual style that integrates their values along with supporting narrative.

Bold icons and powerful typography seamlessly connect throughout each floor, relating to each team. Break out spaces use specific messages and icons reflective of the space.

Icons vary between objects, activity based icons and abstract motivational content to give an energising and uplifting visual identity throughout the building.

One floor was completed and installed to gauge staff response and it was so successful that the remaining 3 floors from work space to corridors, foyers and staircases were then installed.

The outcome is a vibrant look and feel that truly brings the organisation’s brand values to life.