A brand that truly speaks to people.

Recruitment conjures up differing perceptions, so when BlairWest spoke to us with their vision to build a team and recruitment firm that puts people first, with a fresh, honest yet ambitious approach, we knew we had to be bold and brave with their brand identity.

Coming from well known recruitment agencies, the founders had been in high level recruitment for most of their career, they had a very clear vision to create a sustainable recruitment firm that places people and working environment at the centre and heart of their proposition. 

Their aim was to build a culture and maintain an environment in which the most talented, intelligent and aspirational recruitment professionals choose to work.

Outsourcing our brand identity process was a huge leap of faith for us, but the effort Altogether put into understanding us and our goals put us at ease straight away. We loved the simplicity of this one as soon as we saw it and the feedback from clients and candidates has been superb.


We worked closely with the founders to understand their vision and values so we could best interpret it within their brand identity.

With people at the heart of their vision, we placed people at the heart of their brand. Boldly pulling out the ‘We’ in West allows the identity to start a conversation and become the narrative. A conversational tone adapts depending on the message to give a sense of the people centred company spirit.

A simple, bold and flexible identity that actually speaks and connects with their audiences and their internal team. Launching them as a fresh, new agency, yet positioning them for the future with a robust, timeless identity.

The brand launched in January 2019, 9 months on and the impact BlairWest has made has been huge.

“Since launching, we’ve grown from 2 to 7 consultants in 5 months and we are ahead on revenue, profit and headcount targets for the year. We now hope to be at 10 by the year-end.”

David Blair, Founder