Creative Fuse North East

Branding a unique UK research project.

Aiming to analyse, map, understand and grow creative industries in the North East, Creative Fuse North East is a unique collaborative research project with the regions 5 universities, NELEP and a wide range of regional partners. A funded project that followed on from Brighton Fuse and London Fusion, this was a new phase of the Fuse research aiming to map the creative, tech and digital sector and understand how to help them grow.

Most importantly the project aimed to encourage collaborative creativity across sectors, the North East is widely known for industry, engineering and sciences to name a few, and the project aims to fuse these sectors to share new ideas.

Brand identity and flexible logo for Creative Fuse North East by Altogether Creative.
Brand identity and brand guidelines by Altogether Creative..

With so many academics, researchers and creatives involved it was essential we understand the vision of the project and indeed how each partner would need to use the brand going forward. As a research project nothing is in stone, so the brand essence and brand identity needed to give the scope to evolve over the 3 year project.

We held workshops with the stakeholders to immerse ourselves in the project vision. Following the consultation we established 3 pillars and a core essence. Discover, Collaborate and Amplify to reflect the project aims with a core essence of Exploring Possibility, Connecting Creativity.

The logo reflects the many elements that make up the diverse creative landscape in the North East. Pixels are brought together to create ‘FUSE’, however, to convey the research aspect of the project, there are several versions of the logo. It is a flexible logo suite that represents the movement and energy within and beyond the creative sector. The pixels move and adapt to suggest the collaborative nature of the project.

Over the 3 year project we created conference materials, a wide array of communications including reports to demonstrate the value and successes of Creative Fuse North East.

Report design and editorial design for Creative Fuse North East by Altogether Creative.

Altogether worked with the Creative Fuse North East project team, working collaboratively with all five Universities, in essence, not one client but five! They have been and continue to be a real pleasure to work with and really found a way of making the creative process a success for everyone concerned.

Jason Legget – Project Director Creative Fuse North East

Conference brand and merchandise for Creative Fuse North East by Altogether Creative.