DARE: National Hub for Decarbonised, Adaptable and Resilient Transport Infrastructures

Branding a research partnership aiming to create net zero transport futures.

To meet net zero emissions by 2050 and protect our economy, it is crucial that our transport infrastructure evolves to meet the challenges of climate change.

DARe Hub –  the Decarbonised, Adaptable, Resilient, Transport Infrastructures Hub, will identify pathways and solutions for delivering a resilient, net-zero transport system that works for people and communities. It will host world-leading researchers who will provide expertise, modelling and data tailored to each area and each transport challenge.

The Hub is a basis for a four year research project funded by UKRI and the Department for Transport with partners from Newcastle University, University of Cambridge, University of Glasgow and Heriot-Watt.

We were appointed to work with the team across the UK to develop a brand identity and website, aiming to be the go to place for transport decarbonisation information, evidence, guidance and resources.

We created a D shape identity, based on a clock and loading timer to reflect the urgency of decarbonising our transport infrastructure and the count down to meeting net zero emissions by 2050.

The arrows reflect the clock markers, reducing a little on each marker to suggest decarbonisation through DARe’s research. The arrows pointing inward reflects DARe as a hub bringing partners, stakeholders and people together to collaborate and be a place to share their, expertise, resources and knowledge together for the benefit of our communities.

The semi-circle approach not only reflects a D but also intentionally aims to reflect the research, outcomes and possibilities yet to be realised. It gives an open and hopeful feel yet feels trusted and established.

The visual language uses societal and every day images with the icons woven into imagery to suggest the change that DARe aims to create through their research.

We also worked with the team to scope, plan and design their website