EDRC: Energy Demand Research Centre

A brand to inform and inspire energy demand reduction.

The UK is legally bound to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050, which demands a revolutionary shift in energy usage. Without drastically lowering energy consumption, the UK’s short and long-term climate goals remain out of reach. Many homes and businesses have also faced higher energy prices bringing greater attention to issues of energy affordability and security.

There lies a huge opportunity to realise the benefits of energy demand reduction through improved energy efficiency and broader societal changes to reduce emissions, secure prosperity, reduce inequality and improve quality of life.

EDRC (Energy Demand Research Centre) seeks to inform and inspire energy demand reduction, investigating how to achieve it at local and national levels across the UK. It’s funded by UKRI and led by the University of Sussex and Newcastle University, in collaboration with several other universities.

We were appointed to work with their research teams across the UK to establish the brand for this ambitious new centre.

Reflecting EDRC’s  vision to shape a fair and flexible transition to net zero, the  symbol is made of equal circles to emphasize equal and just energy futures. The circles overlap to represent the five themes underpinning their research programme – Futures, Equity, Governance, Place and Flexibility, forming the basis of the research and weaving into one another.

The symbol’s color intentionally fades to zero, symbolizing energy demand reduction through EDRC’s efforts.

We recommened Arial for the typeface, a system font so it’s more accessible to all, as well as encouraging better energy efficiency online. Colours are rooted in a green and teal palette to instantly suggest a greener future through through their research.


The wider assets include a bespoke suite of iconography reflecting the themes and objectives as well as people focused imagery  to actively show the people behind the research and humanising the project. The second image theme is abstract societa, showing abstract angles of lifestyle and community impact in intriguing ways.

A subtle gradient background forms the backdrop of communications, reflecting transformation and transition that EDRC seeks to facilitate.

As well as the brand identity we worked with the team to scope, plan, design and build the website from scratch. Through on online workshop we mapped out the core content involving key team members. We then designed and built the site with energy efficiency in mind. Using a simple structure with  smaller images, pale grey backgrounds rather than white to save load speeds and uses a system font. The result is a clean, accessible site that gives the researchers a platform to share their findings and raise awareness of their work.

The brand launched online to over 100 energy specialists and academics across the UK, with talks from other leading climate and energy experts, including the Climate Change Committee.

We look forward to working with the team as they start to implement their brand.