National Innovation Centre for Data

Developing a new visual identity for a national innovation centre.

National Innovation Centre for Data is a unique facility based at the iconic Catalyst building in Newcastle upon Tyne.
Their focus is to accelerate innovations, helping organisations understand the potential their digital data holds for future innovations.

With an existing identity in place but no recognisable visual style, we were appointed to create a language that would reflect their purpose and inject personality into their communications, aiming to elevate their prominence in digital and print.

Based at the iconic Cataylst building in Newcastlt upon Tyne, they help organisations understand the potential their data holds, enabling them to accelerate future innovations.

National innovation centre branding

With that at the heart, we created a flexible graphic language that focuses on the exploration of data and the possibilities data holds through collaboration with NIC Data. Using the existing arrow symbol as a starting point, we looked at flexing and morphing the shape to reflect transformation through data exploration and co-creation. Data isn’t static so the bold shapes shift and change fluidly to reflect this.

A wider colour palette has been introduced, allowing NIC Data to differentiate their strands of activity and build on the existing palette. Bright RGB’s pop against the dark green and the CMYK colours have been explored to give more options when printing materials.

We considered how the visual style could apply across socials, print and event materials before collating everything within a succinct set of brand guidelines. The guidelines explore imagery, an array of executions using the new style, typography, iconography and messaging. Along with the guidelines we created easy to use templates for the team, allowing them to curate their content on socials in a vibrant yet flexible way depending on the post.

The project demonstrates that it is possible to evolve an existing identity through conceptual exploration and development without always starting from scratch.

Brand guidelines National innovation centre
Brand guidelines National innovation centre
Iconography national innovation centre
Branding National innovation centre
Brand guidelines National innovation centre