National Trust

Brand communications for a wide audience.

The National Trust have over 400 places and properties across the UK. Projecting a consistent and inspiring brand image to their wide audience is of the utmost importance. We are one of a select group of agencies in the UK to work with the National Trust to communicate their brand regionally and nationally.

We work with over 30 properties in the North East and Yorkshire and more recently with Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside and The Lakes. We produce everything from marketing materials, including their member newsletters which go out to over 200,000 people across the country, regional guides, walking leaflets, interpretation and marketing campaign materials.

National Trust brand newsletter editorial design by Altogether Creative.

Their key objective is to increase and retain membership and encourage visits to their range of places and properties, aiming at their key audiences of ‘Explorer Families’, Curious Minds’ and ‘Out and Abouts’. Our challenge is always to create marketing materials which engage with these audiences and build on the memorable and striking National Trust brand guidelines.

To strike a balance with each audience, the materials we produce have a balance of elements to resonate with each audience. The materials are all bright and vibrant, inspired by the National Trust palette of colours and images.

National Trust brand newsletter editorial design by Altogether Creative.

Every season we produce a newsletter for existing members, jam packed with events, property stories and volunteer stories, our role is to interpret the content in a visually engaging way to help raise awareness of the many things members can enjoy as part of their membership. Importantly it serves as a mechanism to promote their events as well as the importance of membership, as the fees help to maintain properties nationwide.

National Trust brand illustrations by Altogether Creative.
National Trust brand tourist information leaflets by Altogether Creative.