North Shields Cultural Quarter

Branding a “cultural corridor” in the heart of North Shields.

The North Shields Cultural Quarter is located in and around Howard Street and Saville Street, in the heart of North Shields. The aim is to create and encourage stronger connections between the town centre and the Fish Quay.

A stakeholder group with arts organisations, residents, local businesses and creative practices set the tone for the brand in workshops we held. They wanted the brand to raise awareness of creativity in the area, to represent and foster collaboration, to showcase the creative people and organisations in North Shields. They wanted to celebrate creativity and future possibilities but build on their heritage too.

The creative direction represents the symbol for quarter in its simplest form, and symbolises the cultural quarter as a corridor connecting the town centre with the fish quay.

The symbol becomes a platform to bring together culture, creativity and community. It can become a canvas, a stage, filled with colour or images, images can break out or be used as a frame. It’s a creative mechanism to explore the contrasting and multi-faceted sides to North Shields.

It can showcase the past, the present, the community, people, venues and art forms and it can endlessly change, adapt and grow as the cultural quarter grows. Images within the logo can be updated by the community, giving ownership to anyone who wants to participate.