Northumberland National Park

Behavioural change social media campaign.

With the country starting to open back up, people are craving freedom and fresh air. We worked with the team at Northumberland National Park Authority to create a campaign to encourage their audiences to consider the impact of their visit and visit considerately.


The campaign concept of ‘Now & Forever’ highlights the incredible experiences visitors can have but reminds them that by caring for the park’s unique surroundings today, future generations can continue to enjoy them for years to come.

The campaign will flex to highlight broad messages over time, emphasising the importance of responsible behaviour, including taking litter home and being considerate of wildlife to ensure the park remains a place for people and nature to recover together. Importantly the campaign will also support and advocate for the residents and community who live and work in the area, giving them a united voice within the campaign.

Phase 1 is rolling out on social media and phase 2 is in planning for a pre-summer holiday launch.