Northumbria University

An advertising campaign to encourage student participation.

Northumbria University, Newcastle has an excellent academic reputation, a top 10 graduate employment record and outstanding campus and sports facilities. Every year the University and Students’ Union work in partnership to run a student satisfaction survey to get up-to-date feedback from students, giving the student body the opportunity to have influence on the operations within the university. As a national survey, National Student Survey runs across all universities in the UK. Feedback from students is invaluable to the development and future planning of the University.

Northumbria University National Student Survey Advertising Campaign by Altogether Creative.

We were appointed to develop a campaign to encourage participation in the survey. With a diverse audience from across the world we had to create a fun and engaging concept with wide appeal, that could integrate across on-site ambient media as well as have a strong presence online.

The chosen route went through stringent focus groups amongst the University steering committee and student body to hone a successful campaign.

The campaign focuses on student personalities, we know all students are different and with so many extra-curricular activities it may feel like a chore to fill in the survey, so we focused the proposition around ‘What’s your survey style?’ We wanted to use humour and wit to appeal to the audience. Are you a chatterbox who is not afraid to share their opinion, or are you a keyboard warrior and the first to pull their finger out for something they believe in. We created a series of 6 personalities initially which will roll out throughout the campaign.