Royal Grammar School Newcastle

Open day campaign for a leading independent school.

Building on the success of a previous 2018 campaign for this leading North East independent school, Altogether were appointed to work on the 2019 open day campaign for the Royal Grammar School Newcastle.

Having worked closely with the school to establish their values and purpose, the campaign had to exude their sense of purpose – ‘Freedom to create the future’. We wanted to convey that sense of freedom through the real day to day activity and experiences at the school.

Our brand purpose research meant we had collected views from a wide audience connected to the school community, from parents to students, teachers to stakeholders, meaning we could dive into the wonderful attributes people cherish about the school. This was brought to life through the campaign positioning ’there’s more to life at RGS’. We wanted to reflect the multi-layered experiences at the RGS in a fresh and playful way.

Real imagery is combined with bold, alliterating statements. When we revealed the concept to the team at the school, there was such a buzz, they instantly started coming up with their own rhyming statements – collaboration at it’s best and we wouldn’t expect anything less from a school!

The campaign rolled out across outdoor, print, social media and online.