Naming & branding for a snacktastic online store.

The snack market in the UK has boomed in recent years, with 66% of adults snacking at least once a day, not just for a snack but also as a way to boost nutrition.

With a real shift in the types of snacks consumers are looking for, an array of healthy alternatives such as rice cakes, protein bars and energy balls have emerged, all choices for health-conscious consumers.

We were appointed to name and brand a new online subscription store aiming to give people a one stop shop for carefully curated healthy, on-trend and quality snacks to challenge the big name brands.

The new brand needed to appeal to a broad audience – from time short, environmentally and socially conscious folk, to active, fitness foodie’s mindful of ingredients and nutrition. Workplace snacking and staff wellbeing were also key considerations, focusing on employers who want to provide healthy snacks to their team and buy in bulk or through subscription.

With a focus on informing and educating audiences to help them make smarter, more mindful and nutritional snacking choices, this sense of positivity had to be reflected in the name.

After brainstorming and researching, the stand out route and concept was clear, Snackfully. A name that fits happily, mindfully and tastefully with the brand ethos – Snackfully is more than a name. It’s a state of satisfaction. A snack philosophy. It’s your snack prayers answered. Your snappetite satisfied. And if you’re not Snackfully? You’re snackshort. Snacksad.

The visual identity echoes the friendly, happy feeling of the name with bold typography and a cheeky bite out of the centre of the logotype. A marque which will stand out when static on packaging as well as quirky and playful when it is brought to life digitally.

We’re working with the Snackfully team to roll out the brand across postal packaging, social platforms and print communications. Their beta site was developed by the directors and launched in May 2020.

Joyfully, we give you Snackfully.

Working with Altogether has been an absolute dream from start to finish...we went to them with a business idea and Altogether brought it to life! They understood exactly what we wanted to do with the project and their process throughout helped us define not only a name for our website, but, created a standout brand which will hopefully become synonymous within the UK FMCG world.

Tom Mckechnie, Founder. Snackfully.