Start Thurrock

A Creative People and Places brand to encourage the community to lead arts experiences in their local area.

Part of the Creative People and Places initiative, aiming to encourage the community to take the lead and choose what they want to create, see or experience in their local area. The programme will be developed by the community, for the community.

Getting residents and community groups to understand their views and vision for the initiative and the brand identity was at the forefront of the process, giving them an ownership of the brand too.

They told us they love Thurrock’s green spaces and the mix of industrial heritage with rural landscapes. They talked about a resourceful spirit as well as an inherent grit and resilience in the community. They wanted to see their towns and villages come together and be united through more cultural activity. ‘You can’t put Thurrock in a box’ was a key phrase, people have a sense of freedom, creativity and they’re determined to break down barriers.

Through the layers of expressive brush strokes, the logo represents Thurrock’s community coming together to strengthen the fabric of Thurrock. 

Inspired by the unique footprint of the borough but breaking across boundaries to reflect Thurrock’s impact in and beyond their own neighbourhoods – you can’t put Thurrock in a box. The strokes are intentionally gritty and have edge, they’re not perfect or polished, nodding to the sense of resilience running through every group we spoke to.