The Postal Museum

Branding a new national cultural attraction.

The British Postal Museum and Archive (BPMA) is the leading resource for British postal heritage. In 2017 they opened their new national museum in London, with five exhibition zones, taking visitors on a journey through the history of the post up to the present day. It brings 400 years of fascinating postal stories to life in a fun, surprising and immersive way, leaving an unforgettable impression within and beyond the museum.

Our creatives worked with the BPMA to create a new brand identity for the museum and for Mail Rail that would position it as a national attraction on the UK cultural scene.

Following brand workshops, we established the core pillars and essence for the brand. The logo utilises the shape of an envelope to create a marque that resembles an ‘m’ representative of ‘Museum.’ We combined the marque with a logotype which is reflective of the way stamped letter-forms bleed when they are stamped in ink.