Tyne Housing

A brand built on a belief in people.

Operating across five local authorities in Tyneside, Tyne employs close to 100 members of staff across a range of disciplines that span much further than housing. With services covering a crisis direct access hostel, a medical centre, 100 long-term secure tenancy units, and a specialised mental health hostel, Tyne’s services are a lifeline for those who have nowhere to turn to if they become homeless, since 1973 Tyne have been there for those who need them most. Importantly Tyne also play an active role in the community, providing training and volunteering opportunities at their farm, Ouseburn Farm.

To support more people, more often, Tyne recognised the need to elevate their presence and clearly communicate their broad activity across the region. They needed to re-define their values, purpose and visual identity to position them for the future. We were appointed to work with their team through the brand journey.

Tyne Housing association brand workshop and branding by Altogether Creative.

Starting with discovery visits across Newcastle, we met with Tyne support workers and staff. Facilitated workshop sessions with staff, board members and residents helped us understand the real lengths Tyne go to helping people off the streets and into a safe space they can start to call home. Understanding from the residents what Tyne means to them and where they would be without Tyne was an extremely powerful and humbling period of consultation that undoubtedly helped to inform our thinking.

It was also important to hear from commissioning partners to give us a rounded view of Tyne.

Following the consultation, we had a detailed understanding of Tyne, giving us the insight we needed to define their values, importantly reflecting the organisation Tyne wanted to be in the future as well as having strong relevance to the organisation today. 

Tyne Housing association branding, leaflets and communications by Altogether Creative.
Tyne Housing association annual report and social impact report and branding by Altogether Creative.
Tyne Housing association branding, annual report, social impact, infographics by Altogether Creative.

There was a resounding purpose that was echoed by everyone we spoke to, we articulated it to be ‘Tyne help people get to a better place’ from the small differences to the huge life changes, it is at the heart of everything they do. Why do they do that? Because they believe in people, we found this to be the reason people choose to work with Tyne, trust them and the reason why Tyne staff will never give up on anyone. A powerful, real and honest driving purpose that resonates both with the Tyne team and their residents, articulated in their messaging as ‘everyone in a better place’ underpinning the wider narrative.

The visual identity builds on the sense of support and strong relationships, reinforcing that Tyne stands by people, they will always be there. Joining letter forms hint at a smile to subtly reflect the notion of ‘everyone in a better place’. The colour palette of blue and green was retained but given a vibrant refresh.

We wanted to maintain a sense of familiarity for residents and partners, so whilst the visual identity and written messaging was changing, it was a strategic decision to maintain the equity in the colour scheme associated with Tyne.

Tyne Housing association branding, logo and marketing communications by Altogether Creative.
Tyne Housing association branding by Altogether creative.

In terms of brand architecture, the organisation will be known as Tyne but the logo retains Housing, signalling their core work. Importantly we learnt that Tyne’s activity spans much wider, by highlighting Wellbeing, Community and Learning they can start to raise awareness of just how much they do in the region.

Tone of voice principals were established from the values and a full tone of voice guide was developed. The guide gives examples of writing and engaging with a broad audience, from potential staff and existing staff to new residents or the wider community. The guide formed part of the wider brand expression guide including a visual style for marketing and communications.

The result is a vibrant and bold new visual identity, underpinned by a robust, powerful purpose and values that people can really believe in because they played an active part in their creation.

Tyne Housing association branding and business card by Altogether Creative.