YANA Active

An activewear brand for everyday warriors.

Introducing YANA – a start-up activewear brand for women inspired by the most fearless tribe of women, the amazonians.

We were appointed by founders and sisters Charlotte and Sophie to help to bring their active wear vision to life. As sisters they have a strong bond and support one another no matter what, this was very much at the heart of their amazonian concept. The amazons were an ancient tribe, a tight community who were fearless in protection of their tribe. This ethos of sister-hood was a powerful part of the founders vision that we needed to stay true to.

Having chosen an amazonian inspired name, based on letterforms of ancient tribes and patterns, it was down to us to give YANA a story, a tone of voice and a visual identity that would capture this bold vision.

The Amazonians were a fierce tribe of female warriors, but it’s the strength of their unity that inspired us most. From that courageous ancient sisterhood, to the modern day – that power has never gone away. We created a simple ethos to reflect our thinking –’Everyday Warriors’, this became the foundation and the wider positioning for the brand. ‘Everyday Warriors’ reflects the sense of unity, inner strength and clothing endurance we wanted to express with the YANA brand. YANA is for everyone, everyday.

As a brand, YANA will always be there to encourage their community to push on, and achieve their goals every day. As a company, they are a collective. They value and cherish their tribe – encouraging everyone in it to strive, support one another, and rise up to their daily challenges in style.

Visually, the logo is inspired by geometric shapes of ancient tribal patterns. Each block represents a letter and is flexible in it’s modular approach. Importantly it is an infinitely tesselating pattern symbolising the collective strength of a courageous community.

The pattern has heavily influenced the garment design, having become an integral differentiater in the YANA brand. The visual identity has been rolled out across social media, packaging, photography, labelling and a shopify launch site, allowing them to build a customer base without breaking the bank in their infancy.  

We collaborated with copywriter the Word Garden to capture an upbeat, motivational and supportive tone of voice. Photography by Alex Robson